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Churchill & Attlee
Half In, Half Out
Yes We (Still) Can
The Alchemists
Ultimate Folly
Rather His Own Man
The French Exception
When They Go Low, We Go High

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Beyond The Border
Asia's Reckoning
Confessions of a Political Maverick
Look Where You're Going
Emily Wilding Davison
The Briefing
Bread for All

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The Rise of the Outsiders: How Mainstream Politics Lost its Way
One Hot Summer: Dickens, Darwin, Disraeli, and the Great Stink of 1858
Mr Barry's War: Rebuilding the Houses of Parliament after the Great Fire of 1834
In Search Of Nice Americans
Hearts and Minds
Things Can Only Get Worse?
Be a Man
All Out War
Common Ground - A Political Life
Coalition Diaries, 2012–2015

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Open Arms
Children of the Master

British Political Leaders Series

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British Conservative Leaders
British Labour Leaders
British Liberal Leaders
Scottish National Party Leaders

General Election 2017

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The Politicos Guide to the New House of Commons 2017
Theresa May
Seat by Seat 2017
Comrade Corbyn
Election 2017
The Alternative
More Sex, Lies and the Ballot Box
101 Ways to Win An Election

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3 for 2 on definitive guides to careers in government and politics

How to Be an MP
How to Be a Parliamentary Researcher
How to Be a Minister
How to Be a Civil Servant

PROVOCATIONS – Buy any 3 and get the lowest priced free

Provocations is a groundbreaking series of short polemics composed by some of the most intriguing voices in contemporary culture.

Charity Sucks
The New Philistines
The War On The Old
'I Find That Offensive!'

BITEBACK ESPIONAGE CLASSICS – Buy any 3 and get the lowest priced free

Extraordinary spy stories that should never be forgotten

The Unknown Courier
The Secrets of Station X
The Spy Net

Electoral History

The facts and figures from past elections

The British General Election of 2015
A History of Britain's Parliamentary Constituencies
The Politicos Guide to the New House of Commons 2015
Election 2010

The Dictionaries of Conservative, Labour and Liberal Quotations

The Dictionary of Conservative Quotations
The Dictionary of Labour Quotations
The Dictionary of Liberal Quotations

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After hearing what the Tories did right to secure their stunning victory at the 2015 general election, Iain Dale talks to Iain Watson, BBC political correspondent and author of 5 Million Conversations: How Labour Lost an Election and Rediscovered its Roots, about what Ed Miliband’s Labour Party did wrong. Watson analyses the lack of strategy and central message that defined Labour’s campaign, whilst also highlighting the strengths and faults of its leader. Together they assess the rising stars of the Labour Party, whilst predicting what the future may hold during this exciting time for British politics.

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