Classic Politics CD - Politicians Read From the Political Classics (Was £12.99. Now £5)


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Politicians read extracts from the political classics.

John Redwood - Gettysburg Address

Chris Mullin - John Bright's Crimean War Speech

William Hague - Reagan's Vow to the Dead speech

Martin Bell - Wilfred Owen's Dulce et Decorum Est

Clare Short - John Smith's Freedom is a Moral Goal

Geoffrey Howe - Spirit of Libery by Learned Hand

Paddy Ashdown - Gladstone's Heart of Midlothian Speech

Austin Mitchell - Macaulay's speech on the Reform Bill

Shaun Woodward - Disraeli's 1872 Crystal Palace speech

Teresa Gorman - Frederic Bastiac's Political Economy

Tony Benn - From the writings of James Connolly

Robert Salisbury - Foxcroft's Summary of the Character of the Trimmer

David Owen - Isiah Berlin's Hedgehog and the Fox

Julie McBride - Adam Smith's Wealth of Nations

Tony Benn - Keir Hardie's From Serdom to Socialism

David Owen - Leszek Kolakowski

Ann Widdecombe - St Augustine's City of God

Shirley Williams - Mary Wollstonecraft's A Vindication of the Rights of Women

Jeffrey Archer - President Kennedy's Inaugural Address

Nigel Lawson - Shakespeare's Trailus & Cresseda

Ken Livingstone - George Orwell's 1984

Sir Edward Heath - Edmund Burke's Speech to the Electors of Bristol

Dame Margaret Beckett - Aneurin Bevan's In Place of Fear

Martin Bell - G K Chesterton's Who Goes Home

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