Set of 6 Signed Hardbacks in the Iain Dale Politics Series Buy together and you get £40 off!


Honourable Ladies Vol 1
Honourable Ladies Vol 2
The Prime Ministers
The Presidents
Kings & Queens
British General Election Campaigns 1830-2019

All signeed by Iain Dale

All six books contain individual essays by different authors on each of the female MPs who have been electied to the House of Commons in the century from 1918, 55 prime ministers from Walpole to Johnson, 45 Amerixan presidents, 64 English and British kings and queens, and the 50 general election campaigns since 1830.

If you buy them individually they'd add up to £165. In this special offer we're offering £40 off so you pay just £125,

If you're starting a political book collection, or want to give a politics student the perfect present, you couldn't make a better choice.

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