The Presidents (Signed by Iain Dale)


Published on November 18 2021
Hodder & Stoughton

Paperback coming on 10 November 2022

The follow-up to THE PRIME MINISTERS

Signed by Iain Dale. If you want a personal dedication please fill in the DELIVERY INSTRUCTIONS box at the end of the purchasing process.

Following the success of THE PRIME MINISTERS, published last November to great acclaim, chosen as a Times Political Book of the Year and winner of the Parliamentary Book Award for the Best Political Book by a Non-Parliamentarian, Hodder & Stoughton has acquired two new books edited by Iain Dale. THE PRESIDENTS, to be published on the anniversary of the US elections in November 2021, will follow the same engaging formula as THE PRIME MINISTERS, with an essay on each of the 46 American presidents written by a range of academics, historians, political journalists and serving politicians. Each contributor has been carefully chosen based on expert knowledge of their subjects and personal connections, providing analysis of their subject's successes, failures and influence. Any hagiographical writing is shunned in favour of a 'warts and all' perspective on each President and the impact they've had on US politics – past, present and future.

Iain Dale says: ‘I could not be happier to be publishing two more books with Rupert Lancaster and Hodder. The success of THE PRIME MINISTERS proves there’s a real thirst for knowledge about historical and contemporary figures, and I’m looking forward to turning my attention to presidents and monarchs.’

Hodder & Stoughton Non-Fiction Publisher Rupert Lancaster comments: ‘Iain is the ultimate professional author. His ability to assemble a stellar cast of contributors is a huge reason behind the success of THE PRIME MINISTERS. Interest in US politics has never been greater, so THE PRESIDENTS is very timely, while I’m sure that combining monarchs and writers for KINGS AND QUEENS will prove both entertaining and insightful’.


George Washington 1789-1797 Mitchell Reiss
John Adams 1797-1801 Daniel Forrester
Thomas Jefferson 1801-1809 Alvin Felzenberg
James Madison 1809-1817 Matthew Binkowski
James Monroe 1817-1825 Brooks Newmark
John Quincy Adams 1825-1829 Mark Fox
Andrew Jackson 1829-1837 Simon Marks
Martin van Buren 1837-1841 Roifield Brown
William Harrison 1841-1841 Emma Burnell
John Tyler 1841-1845 Peter Riddell
James Polk 1845-1849 Brian Klaas
Zachary Taylor 1849-1850 Michael Crick
Millard Fillmore 1850-1853 Layla Moran
Franklin Pierce 1853-1857 Karin Robinson
James Buchanan 1857-1861 Keith Simpson
Abraham Lincoln 1861-1865 Julia Langdon
Andrew Johnson 1865-1869 Allie Renison
Ulysses Grant 1869-1877 Bonnie Greer
Rutherford Hayes 1877-1881 Robert Waller
James Garfield 1881-1881 Anne Alexander
Chester Arthur 1881-1885 Sue Cameron
Grover Cleveland 1885-89/93-97 Gerry Hassan
Benjamin Harrison 1889-1893 Rosie Ilett
William McKinley 1897-1901 David Torrance
Theodore Roosevelt 1901-1909 Damian Collins
William Taft 1909-1913 Philip Norton
Woodrow Wilson 1913-1921 Roy Hattersley
Warren Harding 1921-1923 Adam Boulton
Calvin Coolidge 1923-1929 Leo McKinstry
Herbert Hoover 1929-1933 Robert Buckland
Franklin Roosevelt 1933-1945 Neil Stockley
Harry Truman 1945-1953 David Blanchflower
Dwight Eisenhower 1953-1961 Peter Caddick-Adams
John F Kennedy 1961-1963 Simon Burns
Lyndon B Johnson 1963-1968 George Osborne
Richard Nixon 1968-1974 Freddy Gray
Gerald Ford 1974-1977 Andy Silvester
Jimmy Carter 1977-1981 David Owen
Ronald Reagan 1981-1989 Simon Heffer
George H W Bush 1989-1993 Colleen Graffy
Bill Clinton 1993-2001 Poppy Trowbridge
George W Bush 2001-2009 Christopher Meyer
Barack Obama 2009-2017 Toby Harnden
Donald Trump 2017-2021 Justin Webb
Joe Biden 2021- Andrew Adonis

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