British General Election Campaigns 1830-2019 (signed by Iain Dale)


Biteback Publishing
26 March 2024


Signed by Iain Dale

This remarkable book, edited by one of the UK’s leading political commentators, takes us on a deep dive through nearly 200 years of British political history in its most dramatic expression: the general election.

The British general election is the linchpin of our liberal democracy, and its results are often fundamental to how we live.

From the general election of 1830, at which electoral reform was the centrepiece issue, to the so-called Brexit election of 2019, Iain Dale delivers a showcase of all fifty general elections, with an essay for each written by key political writers including John Curtice, Julia Langdon, Simon Heffer, Peter Snow, Sue Cameron, Vernon Bogdanor, Adam Boulton and many others.

1830 Gordon Pentland
1831 Connor Hand
1832 Alun Evans
1835 Ed Young
1837 Nan Sloan
1841 Richard Gaunt
1847 David Walsh
1852 Nigel Fletcher
1857 Alex Noonan
1859 Matthew Cole
1865 Charles Pitt
1868 Ian Cawood
1874 Sir Robert Buckland MP
1880 Kathryn Rix
1885 Luke Blaxill
1886 Robert Saunders
1892 Leo McKinstry
1895 Pippa Catterall
1900 Mark Fox
1906 Duncan Brack
1910 David Laws
1910 David Laws
1918 Damian Collins MP
1922 Jack Brown
1923 Alistair Lexden
1924 Robert Waller
1929 Rosie Campbell
1931 Andrew Thorpe
1935 John Barnes
1945 Julia Langdon
1950 Sue Cameron
1951 Sir Vernon Bogdanor
1955 Philip Norton
1959 Iain Dale
1964 Nick Thomas-Symonds
1966 Peter Kellner
1970 Michael Crick
1974 Lewis Baston
1974 Michael McManus
1979 Simon Heffer
1983 Peter Snow
1987 Sir Simon Burns
1992 Sir Peter Riddell
1997 Sir John Curtice
2001 Alia Middleton
2005 Robert Ford
2010 Adam Boulton
2015 Philip Cowley
2017 Stephen Parkinson
2019 Tim Bale

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