Brexit Unfolded How no one got what they wanted (and why they were never going to) by Chris Grey WAS £14.99 NOW £5


19 September 2023

Britain’s 2016 vote to leave the EU divided the nation, unleashing years of political turmoil. The result has been a sulphurous atmosphere in which many remain unreconciled to Brexit whilst, in a tragic irony, some of those most committed to it are angry and dissatisfied with what was delivered.

In this clear-headed assessment, Chris Grey argues that this painful legacy was all but inevitable. Left undefined by the referendum, the actual meaning of Brexit emerged only gradually, through the confusing and often dramatic events that followed. This compelling book skilfully unpacks those events, explaining how and why the promise of Brexit dissolved, creating discontent on all sides.

“Brexit Unfolded is a must-read for anyone who cares about what happened following the momentous decision Britain took in the 2016 referendum. Grey is not a neutral observer, but his analysis is scholarly and balanced. He writes with engaging clarity as he navigates through toxic headlines and political slogans. It will be a long time before this illuminating account is rivalled.”

Jonathan Dimbleby, broadcaster and author

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