The Coming Storm: The Coming crisis on water – and how to avoid it by LIam Fox


7 May 2024

Following Russia’s aggressive war in Ukraine, the world is suddenly gripped by concerns over energy security. And yet, there is an even greater threat ahead – one that is even more likely to shape the events of the twenty-first century than the competition for oil or gas.

The combination of an ever-increasing global population, climate change, industrialisation, urbanisation and limited natural resources, means that one challenge, above all, will shape the political, economic and security environment in the years ahead. That challenge is water.

If people and nations will fight for fossil fuels, it is nothing compared to what they will do for the most vital natural resource of all.

As a doctor, a politician who has dealt with both security and economic issues and a concerned citizen who has worked with WaterAid, Liam Fox tells the story of water and the challenges it presents in a more complete way than ever before.

The Coming Storm links together a range of issues that are often written about separately, but seldom together, and issues a comprehensible and compelling call for urgent action.

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