Politics, But Better by Tatton Spiller


Elliott & Thompson
8 September 2023

From the founder of Simple Politics comes a guide to rediscovering the heart of our democracy, reshaping our political system and making the UK a better place for all. Strikes across the country. A prime minister resigning after just forty-four days.

Accusations of bullying in the House of Commons. Our politics and our democracy appear to be fundamentally broken. But that doesn't mean that all hope is lost.

Things can get better. There are solutions out there to the complex web of failure in which we're currently entangled. Politics, But Better will look at the very fabric of our system and what improvements can be made.

Exploring twenty-six issues in UK politics, from A to Z - including censorship, elections, insults and U-turns - it clearly lays out the problems and challenges we face, and puts forward possible solutions. Looking at a variety of ideas and real-world examples, it will encourage us to rethink the fundamental ways we do things, to question the status quo, and to chart a path towards a more hopeful future. Respect and understanding are at the heart of this book, promoting open debate, tolerance and compassion as the cornerstones of a reformed political landscape.

Politics is about improving the world - and we can do better.

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