Sovereign Territory by Andy Bell COMING 13 JUNE


13 June 2024

This remarkable new novel opens on the night of the Brexit
referendum. Four people at the centre of that world are
about to have their lives dramatically shaken. They are Alan, a
special advisor to a government minister; Mitra, a Labour MP;
Davey, a UKIP campaigner, and Jenny, a TV news producer.
Each will struggle to keep control of their own lives as the
politics becomes more aggressive and unpredictable. Alan
faces a threat of blackmail as he tries to uncover a mole who
is leaking sensitive material from the Brexit department. Mitra
receives death threats and must confront allegations of
bullying from her own staff. Davey is first disillusioned after
the referendum and then alarmed by what he finds lurking in
the shadows behind the Brexit campaign. Jenny fights to
keep her job while her relationship collapses and she begins
an affair.
The four lives intersect through plots, government defeats,
resignations and riots before they are brought together for a
debate in front of a live audience during the 2019 election.
That night there is more at stake than just politics; at least one
of them is in real danger. Will they all survive, and if they do,
will they be able to start draining some of the poison from
the political world they now inhabit ?

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