Error of Judgement: The Birmingham Bombings and the Scandal That Shook Britainby Chris Mullin


29 February 2024

'Very occasionally a journalist starts an avalanche with a single gunshot... Chris Mullin and his TV colleagues belong in the glorious company."
-The Observer

'One of the greatest feats ever achieved by an investigative reporter'
-Sebastian Faulks, the Independent on Sunday

'Whoever planted the bombs in Birmingham...also planted a bomb under the British legal establishment'
-Robert Harris, Sunday Times

Error of Judgment lit a fire under the establishment when it was first published, shattering the prosecution case against six Irishmen charged with the Birmingham Bombings and going on to change the course of British legal history.

On the evening of 21st November 1974, bombs planted by the IRA in two crowded Birmingham pubs exploded, killing 21 people and injuring at least 170. Within a day of the explosion, six men - Paddy Hill, Gerry Hunter, Richard McIlkenny, Billy Power, Johnny Walker and Hughie Callaghan - were arrested and charged. All were found guilty.

Methodically, with total clarity and a tone that is both gripping and impassioned, then investigative journalist Mullin unpicked every detail of the case, revealing gaping holes in the prosecution case and the horrifying consequences of an establishment determined to close ranks.

Now 50 years on from the Birmingham Bombings and with new writing from Mullin, this classic edition of Error of Judgement tells the complete story of one of the most significant miscarriages of justice ever. As relevant now as it was fifty years ago, it's an essential text on corruption, violence and bias in British policing and justice.

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