Why Can't We All Just Get Along (Paperback edition) Signed by Iain Dale NOW £5


29 April 2021

(Signed hardbacks still available)

If you would like a personal message from Iain please email info@politicos.co.uk. Otherwise the book will be signed 'Best wishes, Iain Dale'.

In an increasingly divided society, Iain examines why we’ve all become so disrespectful and intolerant. Using experiences from his career in politics and the media, he says it doesn’t have to be this way, and suggests how we can all emerge from tribalism and division and become more respectful to each other and those who govern us. It is a book that is optimistic about the fundamental decencies embedded in human nature and uses deeply personal anecdotes to explain why we can look forward in a positive way to a better life both in personal and material terms.

‘There are very few commentators and broadcasters with an instinctive feel for real politics – who feel the passions, and who understand the flaws and the strengths of the players from the inside, with proper empathy. Iain Dale does, which makes him endlessly listenable-to and peerless. For many political-addicts, he is their warm but watchful friend.’ Andrew Marr

‘Iain Dale is that rare beast – a forensic and mischievous interviewer with a deep sense of humanity and kindness beneath the brilliant probing. His interviews yield light as well as heat – and he has a genuine ability to step away from his own zone – to see things from a much needed, alternative perspective.’ Emily Maitlis

‘Smart, funny, and always on it, he makes me feel happier and cleverer every time I hear him speak. Watch Iain Dale open the kimono ― can I rephrase that?’ Jeremy Vine

‘The indefatigable Iain Dale always cuts to the nub of politics.’ Adam Boulton

‘If you’re interested in politics, news, broadcasting and debate, you will love Iain Dale’s new book. I love books, but I’m an incredibly slow reader and get very easily distracted by other stuff. I only got my copy about a week ago and I’ve finished it: that is the highest compliment.’ Chris Mason

‘Mature and sober reflections on the need for respectful political debate and thought-provoking takes on a number of contemporary issues.’ Jonathan Isaby

‘I read this cracking book in one sitting. Pacey, well-informed and timely’ Liam Halligan

‘The topic of Iain Dale’s new book is the key one of our times. Probably the most important theme is that broadcasting should aim for enlightenment and understanding rather than confrontation for the sake of it. And exposure to a multiplicity of views is vital when so much of social media is a vituperative echo chamber.’ Roger Mosey

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