Prime Minister Priti & Other Things That Never Happened (Coming in July 2021) (Signed by Iain Dale)


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Published 15 July 2021

The fourth in the series of counterfactual history books from Duncan Brack & Iain Dale

Twenty two essays on contemporary 'what if' historical scenarios.

What if …

Randolph Churchill had not died in 1895?
Attlee had died during the First World War?
General Maxwell had not executed the leaders of the 1916 Easter Uprising?
Franklin D.Roosevelt had died of polio in 1921?
Ireland had joined the Allies in World War II?
[The News Chronicle had not shut in 1960?]
John Lennon had not been killed in 1980?
Margaret Thatcher had won the 1990 leadership election?
Ross Perot had not stood in the 1992 US Presidential election?
Blair had implemented the Jenkins Report?
The Liberal Democrats had not agreed coalition in 2010?
Eric Joyce had not got into a bar fight in 2012?
Nick Clegg had resigned as Liberal Democrat leader in 2014?
It had been John McDonnell’s turn to hold the banner for the left in the Labour leadership election of 2015?
[David Cameron negotiated harder and agreed a better deal from the EU in 2015/2016?]
Britain had voted Remain in 2016?
Jeremy Corbyn had stood down in late 2017?
[The House of Commons had voted for Theresa May’s deal?]
Theresa May had passed her deal at Meaningful Vote 3?
Boris Johnson wins the 2019 election with only a small majority?
The government handled the pandemic more effectively?
Rebecca Long Bailey won the 2020 Labour leadership contest?
What if President Trump had died of Covid-19?
Priti Patel becomes leader of the Conservative Party and Prime Minister?

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