This Time No Mistakes: How to Remake Britain by Will Hutton


11 April 2024

How the Right Broke Britain is an urgent book about the state of Britain in the 2020s, from leading journalist and bestselling author Will Hutton.

Rarely has a country seen as many interlinked crises as Britain is now enduring: a turbulent economy, rising living costs, an increasingly divided society, and the looming break up of the United Kingdom.

Will Hutton argues that it is the absolute dominance of a neoliberal consensus that has broken Britain, and that we need a new economic, social and political settlement if the country is not to become even poorer and more irrelevant.

This major new book examines the failures of the right-wing ideology that has dominated Britain for an entire generation. Hutton exposes a pattern of minority leadership marked by lies and corruption, upheld by a broken first-past-the-post electoral system. A new kind of politics is urgently needed, one that harnesses the power of the collective to transform our economy, leadership and society for the better.

Writing more than two decades on from his generation-defining The State We're In, which has sold a third of a million copies, Hutton once again captures Britain's anxieties and, more hopefully, its capacity for change.

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