Fatal Ambition - A political novel by Nick de Bois (Signed by the author) SOLD OUT


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3rd Step Publishing
29 September 2021

All copies signed by Nick de Bois

"A realistic contemporary thriller that has you gripped from the first page. A well written, deftly crafted novel set in the chaos of Westminster just after the departure of Boris Johnson, by someone who knows parliament and government from the inside.'

John Rentoul - Chief Political Correspondent - The Independent

Former political insider delivers a page-turning political conspiracy thriller that delves right to the heart of the UK establishment.

The Prime Minister is on borrowed time.

His successor lies in wait.

But who else has their eyes on the prize?

True friends in politics are rare, but broadcaster Beth Anderson, Special Adviser Scott Williamson and Tom Woods MP defy the rule. Beth's career looks finally set to take off when she is pulled into a web of deceit. After a devastating revelation, Beth puts everything on the line to bring James Cleaver down.

Ruthless for power
Secretary of State, James Cleaver will stop at nothing to ensure he becomes Prime Minister. He’s spent years masterminding his move. Nothing can get in his way to land the top job, even a scandal that enshrouds him --now is the moment. Everything looks set to be in his grasp, until the untimely death of his brother… but who really holds the keys to No 10 and true power?

A fatal cost
The future of the government and the fate of the United Kingdom depends on who will win in this jostle of fatal ambition? The man who’s devoted his life to take the prize – or the woman set out to destroy him.
What begins as a betrayal, leaves many victims in its wake . . .

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