The House by Tom Watson & Imogen Robertson


October 2020/August 2021
Little Brown

'A prescient page-turner about secrets, lies, ruthless ambition and betrayal' SARAH VAUGHANIn their remarkable debut political thriller, Tom Watson, former Deputy Leader of the Labour Party, and Imogen Robertson open the doors to The House, a place of ambition, hope, friendship . . .

and betrayal. Once allies, Labour MP Owen McKenna and Conservative Minister Philip Bickford now face each other across the House of Commons as bitter enemies. Then the reappearance of a figure from their past forces them to confront the choices that led to the tragic downfall of their former housemate, Jay.

Late one night, Owen receives a visit from a lobbyist who promises to protect him from the consequences of his actions in exchange for one, small favour - or to have his reputation and career utterly destroyed if he refuses. But that favour will sell out everything Owen believes in. As rivals gather and whispers of wrongdoing fill the corridors of Westminster, it's clear that someone knows the truth about Jay's Icarus-like fall from grace.

Now, the former friends must face one terrible truth... Someone is responsible, and a reckoning is overdue. __________'A rare view from the inside of the Machiavellian machinations for power .

. . Fascinating' HARRIET TYCE'Politics red in tooth and claw.

Watson and Robertson capture, with scalpel precision, the neurotic allure of the Westminster power game' LUKE JENNINGS 'Few people know more about what goes on behind the political scenes than Watson, and it is all unveiled here, in a snappy, twisty page-turner' HOLLY WATT

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