Memories of the Falklands (Signed Copy)


April 2012

This updated paperback edition of Memories of the Falklands pulls together the recollections of those deeply affected by the horrors and glories of the conflict - soldiers, politicians and islanders - to create a poignant and graphic reminder of the invasion of the Falklands by Argentina and liberation of the islands by the British Task Force, over seventy-two days in the spring of 1982. Contributors to this remarkable volume include Margaret Thatcher, Rex Hunt, Sir John Nott, Denzil Connick, Rick Jolly, Simon Weston, Julian Thompson, Hew Pike, John Kiszeley, Cecil Parkinson, Max Hastings and David Owen. However, the majority of the stories contained herein are from those at the sharp end - soldiers and islanders themselves. Memories of the Falklands provides a unique reminder of an extraordinary episode in British history, as we prepare to mark the fortieth anniversary of the war in 2022.

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