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Published in May 2011
edited by Iain Dale

A collection of the greatest quotes from the inimitable politician. Like him or loathe him, Boris Johnson has star quality. With a shake of that foppish blonde mop, a glimmer of that madcap smile and the voice of a demented public school boy, Boris provides comedy gold every time he opens his erudite mouth. He says things that few other politicians would or, even, could get away with. Quite often he doesn t get away with it himself either, and winds up apologising to the people of Liverpool, for instance. The allure of this blundering rapscallion of the Tory benches is that he is who he is, and does what he does. Whether his ethos enrages you or his policies as Mayor of London prickle your principles, his magnetism is undeniable because he makes mistakes and says things that should not be said. He is perfect in his imperfection. This book is big on fun, comedy, life and spirit. Containing a selection of the the very finest Boris-isms and illustrated by specially commissioned cartoons, The Bigger Book of Boris is highly amusing reading, straight from the gaff-strewn gob of Britain s most colourful politician.

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