Sabotage : The Inside Hit Job That Brought Down Jeremy Corbyn by Alex Nunns COMING 23 JAN 2025


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23 January 2025

Impeccably researched yet written with pace and wit, Alex Nunns delivers the definitive account of how, and by whom, Jeremy Corbyn and his team were sabotaged.

“I work every single day in some small way to bring forward the end of Jeremy Corbyn’s tenure,” said Labour’s ‘Prince of Darkness’ Peter Mandelson in 2017. British politics has never before seen a political party sabotage itself to stop its own leader becoming prime minister. Yet, as this explosive account from Corbyn’s former speechwriter Alex Nunns shows, that is precisely what happened when an outsider threatened the establishment in Labour and beyond.

This was a wrecking operation that changed the course of history. Nunns tells how bureaucrats deep within the bowels of the party worked to throw the 2017 general election; how Labour MPs colluded with a viciously hostile media to keep a Tory government in power; and how an elite network of saboteurs eventually destroyed Corbyn by forcing Labour into a suicidal position on Brexit—at the cost of opening the way for Boris Johnson and his band of hard Brexiteers.

Drawing on extensive testimony from those at the very heart of the Corbyn leadership, every page of Sabotage! offers eye-popping revelations of dirty dealing, betrayal, and bureaucratic obstruction stretching to electoral fraud. The full extent of Labour MPs’ treachery is exposed for the first time—the incessant negative leaks and briefings to the press, the procedural stitch-ups, and the abuse meted out to Corbyn and his staff. Names are named and no blushes are spared.

Skilfully weaving together these separate threads, Nunns argues they were part of a grand effort by the establishment to crush Corbyn, utilising its willing helpers in the party machine, parliament, the media and the state.

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