Memories of Margaret Thatcher (Signed by Iain Dale) (Was £25.00. Now £12.99)


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To mark the sad passing of former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and to celebrate the incomparable career of this colossus of British and global politics, Memories of Margaret Thatcher brings together personal reminiscences and anecdotes from more than a hundred political figures. Featuring a foreword by Prime Minister David Cameron, these entries are tributes from friends, opponents, and those who observed her from the press gallery. Each contributor experienced a close encounter with the Iron Lady, among them Ronald Reagan, Mikhail Gorbachev, Bob Hawke, Boris Johnson, Michael Howard, William Hague, Ann Widdecombe, Edwina Currie, Alan Clark, Norman Tebbit and Geoffrey Howe, whose resignation speech in Parliament can be said to have brought to a dramatic end the Thatcher Era. Originally published in 2005, this edition contains 50% new material and includes contributions from political stars of today.

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