Make it Human by Sarah McLellan


Expected shipping date: 27th Jun 2024

27 June 2024

A vision for happier, healthier, more human workplaces

People in workplaces are more unhappy than ever before. Company cultures are cracking, and many harbour the worst in human behaviour. Individuals are scared to share their true thoughts. They don’t really know anyone; building friendships doesn’t make the list of things to get done. Leaders frequently turn a blind eye to unethical, aggressive and discriminatory behaviour, especially when it helps the company achieve financial success. Feelings of loneliness, exclusion, fear and exhaustion are flooding organisations. People are choosing to leave in droves, searching for something more meaningful, somewhere they feel valued and able to flourish as a human.

Time is ticking. The model of work that got us here is over 200 years old. It helped us segment time, design efficient processes and produce more things. Artificial intelligence and robots will take over on that side now, but they can’t make it human.

Make it Human outlines a vision for a human-led future of work. It includes practical models, new insights and real-life stories, illustrating how we can nurture workplace cultures to invigorate human growth both for us and for generations to come.

Work doesn’t have to be a 9–5 meaningless, lonely grind. Together, let’s make it human.

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