A Yard of Sky by Nazanin & Richard Zaghari-Ratcliffe COMING 26 SEPT 2024


Expected shipping date: 26th Sep 2024

26 September 2024
Chatto & Windus

A Story of Love, Resistance and Hope

On 3 April 2016 Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe was at the airport in Tehran, getting ready to board her flight with her baby daughter. They'd been visiting family in Iran, and were looking forward to getting home and seeing Richard, who would be there to meet them.

When a man suddenly appeared and marched Nazanin away, they couldn't know their family was about to be changed forever. That moment would test their love, confront five foreign secretaries and take an ordinary family behind the curtain of international hostage diplomacy and secret debts. Their story galvanised a campaign of hope for millions, which would eventually free Nazanin and bring her home.

Six years later, almost to the day, Nazanin landed back in the UK. This is the full account of that long journey, told by Nazanin and Richard for the very first time.

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