Where Next?: Finding our place in a world falling apart by Lisa Nandy


24 November 2022

Outside of the EU, and facing new and unprecedented global challenges, Britain faces an identity crisis. This timely book by one of the rising stars of frontline politics shows a way out.

In this brilliant and accessible intervention, Lisa Nandy reveals how Britain can leave behind the mess we’re in. Where Next? is a blueprint for how we become a self-confident, united and outward-looking country once again: matching the ambition of our citizens with the means to realise it and showing the global leadership we were once known for.

As Brexit revealed, Britain’s ability to project a confident, internationalist image abroad is shaped by and rooted in our domestic priorities; and it rests on the consent of its citizens. As MP for Wigan, Lisa Nandy has deep knowledge of the challenges facing the post-industrial towns whose vote to leave the EU some have seen as a rejection of internationalism. Now at the centre of public debate around both ‘Levelling Up’ and of ‘Global Britain’, in this book she brings together the international and the local to tell a story about how we got here and how we might go about improving things for those left behind at the same time as mending a broken reputation abroad. However disconnected our international systems have become from working people here and across the world, Nandy argues, the problems we feel locally – from football to fraud to flooding – have global solutions.

Lucid, clear-eyed and ultimately hopeful, this book will set out how we restore values, energy and direction in our politics and offer a snapshot of an alternative future that remains within our grasp.

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