Whatever Next by Earl Ferrers (Was £9.99. Now £5)


10 April 2012

In this charming and poignant memoir, the 13th Earl Ferrers Robert Washington Shirley, farmer, businessman, politician, husband and father refl ects on a life very well lived. Contemplative musings on politics, religion, relationships, and the meaning of life are peppered throughout with humorous anecdotes of an aristocratic upbringing at Staunton Harold in the 1930s, high jinks at Winchester and Cambridge, national service in the jungle of Malaya with the Coldstream Guards, and his time as a minister in every Conservative government from Macmillan to Major. Containing choice nuggets of original correspondence, cartoons and poems, Whatever Next? recounts captivating tales of the ups and downs of Westminster life from a peer with a real twinkle in his eye. When members of the House of Lords voted in 1999 which 92 hereditary peers to keep, Earl Ferrers topped the list, and from this elegant collection of engaging vignettes, it is easy to see why. Robin Ferrers is one of the most engaging and loved parliamentarians of recent decades. He is a national treasure, and his memoirs are proof-positive that there is humanity in politics.

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