What Has the EU Ever Done For Us? By David Charter


Paperback, 288 pages
ISBN: 9781785901850
18 May 2017

How the European Union changed Britain - what to keep and what to scrap

The voters have decided. Now find out what Brexit really means for the British way of life.

From the bestselling author of Europe: In or Out comes the essential guide to post-Brexit Britain.

For better or worse, many areas of daily life were transformed by the EU – from the air we breathe to the fuel in our cars, the food we eat and the way we organise work, rest and holidays.

What Has the EU Ever Done for Us? explains all these key changes and asks in each case what will happen next.

Clearly laying out the options for our post-Brexit world, David Charter has produced an objective and compelling handbook for anyone interested in the future of Britain.

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