The Fraud: Keir Starmer, Labour Together, and the Crisis of British Democracy by Paul Holden


OR Books
20 June 2024

Using a cache of hitherto unseen documents and exclusive insider accounts, this sensational new book tells the story of how a shadowy group, Labour Together, came to the cusp of delivering Sir Keir Starmer to power in Britain. It reveals, for the first time, the way the project sabotaged Corbynism through covert plotting, propelled Starmer to Labour’s leadership and now, having crushed the left in the party, poses an imminent threat to British democracy as a whole.

The Fraud reveals the chilling nature of Labour Together. Established in 2015, the project was created by ‘eight brave MPs’ who engaged in secret planning to wrest control of Labour. They included people who are now among the most senior members of Keir Starmer’s Shadow Cabinet: Rachel Reeves, Wes Streeting, Shabana Mahmood and Steve Reed. Morgan McSweeney, the guiding light behind Labour Together, is today one of the most powerful people in the Party, a key figure in selecting future parliamentary candidates.

Holden describes how Labour Together pursued its objectives with a substantial pot of undeclared funding, which it used to secretly insert itself into the Labour Party’s ‘antisemitism crisis’ at a time when it was publicly maintaining a position of neutrality in the Party’s vicious factional-infighting.

In these pages we see how Labour Together selected Keir Starmer to be its frontman, helping him win Labour’s leadership with the most mendacious campaign in recent political history. The Party under Starmer has since embraced the ugliest forms of racism and Islamophobia, and shared information hacked from journalists critical of its allies. The Labour Together project has subsequently transformed the Party into an authoritarian machine entirely intolerant of dissent, rowing back on an ocean of previous commitments and propagating an agenda of reheated austerity.

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