The Borisaurus by Simon Walters (Was £12.99. Now £5)


Hardback, 256 pages
ISBN: 9781785905698
9 April 2020

Do you know your boosterism from your backstop-ectomy? Can you work out what’s imbecilio and what’s just an inverted pyramid of piffle? Can you tell Prometheus from Cincinnatus, and would you recognise Latinate evasion if you heard it?

In The Borisaurus, seasoned journalist Simon Walters presents a collection of over 500 of Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s wittiest, most inventive and most shocking words and phrases compiled in one brilliant dictionary, with every entry accompanied by a guide to its etymology, meaning and context.

A former journalist and author, Boris is no stranger to having his prose dissected; perhaps more than any other leader, he knows the importance of words, but he also knows how to have serious fun with them. But where does Boris find the inspiration for his literary lyricism, and what is he alluding to when he name-checks Churchill, Nero or Paris Hilton?

Welcome to The Borisaurus, a compelling and revealing guide to the tricks and tactics that have helped Boris to become one of the most divisive rhetoricians in modern history.

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