Something Has Gone Wrong: Dealing with the Brighton Bomb by Steve Ramsey WAS £12.99 NOW £5


11 January 2018

12 October 1984 is a day seared into British memory. Early that morning, an IRA bomb intended to kill Margaret Thatcher and her Cabinet exploded inside Brighton s Grand Hotel. While it missed the Prime Minister by just a few feet, five people were killed and thirty others injured and the world watched in horror.

Amidst this appalling tragedy is the inspiring story of strong-willed and resilient people who picked up the pieces and carried on. Far from being cowed by fear, politicians, police officers, fire fighters and hospital staff became the heroes of the day, stepping up and getting on with the job at hand. Indeed, the Conservative Party conference continued and the government resumed business as usual.

In Something Has Gone Wrong, journalist Steve Ramsey speaks to those who were there on the day and involved in its aftermath, many of whom have never spoken publicly about it before. Incorporating fascinating new insights and revelations, Ramsey has produced a unique and vivid portrait of this shocking event.

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