Royalty Revealed: A Majestic Miscellany by Brian Hoey WAS £9.99 NOW £5


20 August 2020

Have you ever wondered how much you could earn as a royal chef at Buckingham Palace, what Prince Philip s favourite tipple is, or what the Queen most likes to receive as a gift?

Which member of the Royal Family won t travel anywhere without his own lavatory seat?

What wedding present did Mahatma Gandhi give the Queen and Prince Philip?

Who was the first royal lady to appear in public wearing trousers?

Why did Diana s arrival at her wedding cause an unexpected commotion among the establishment?

Find the answers to these questions in Royalty Revealed, along with many more regal facts. Acclaimed as a five-star sensation under its original title, We Are Amused, this fully updated edition is packed with fascinating details on everyone from Her Majesty to Meghan Markle, including William, Kate and their three children the new jewels in the royal crown. Whether he s explaining the duties of the royal valets or describing Christmas Day, Brian Hoey leaves no stone unturned in this unbeatable little guide to our great monarchy.

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