Red Knight The Unauthorised Biography of Sir Keir Starmer


19 August 2021
Biteback Publishing

Sir Keir Starmer has played many parts during his life and career. He went from schoolboy socialist to radical lawyer before surprising many by joining the establishment, first as Director of Public Prosecutions and then, in 2015, as an MP. At Westminster, he was swiftly elevated to the shadow cabinet and, in April 2020, became leader of the Labour Party.

But what makes him tick? Is the architect of Labour’s second-referendum Brexit policy – which was considered a big factor in its worst electoral defeat for nearly a century – really able to win back red wall voters? Is he the voice of competence and moderation who can put Labour back on the political map? Or is he just a member of the metropolitan elite who is prepared to say and do whatever it takes to win favour?

In Red Knight, Michael Ashcroft goes in search of the man who wants to be Prime Minister.

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