Nation to Nation by Stephen Gethins


March 2021

Scotland's Place in the World

Throughout Scotland’s history, it has played a part in European and global affairs both as a part of the United Kingdom and as an independent country. As a result, it has developed a significant Foreign Policy footprint despite not having a Foreign Ministry.

In the first book of its kind, former MP Stephen Gethins explores what Scotland’s Foreign Policy footprint is and how it can be used by the UK as a resource or provide the foundations for a Foreign Ministry in a newly Independent Scotland.

During his career he has seen the development of the UK’s Foreign Policy as a Special Adviser on International Affairs in the Scottish Government, the SNP spokesperson on International Affairs and a member of the influential Foreign Affairs Select Committee in the House of Commons. He draws upon first-hand experiences from Bute House, the palaces of Riyadh, the UN Secretary-General’s office in New York and military bases in the South Caucasus, and from inside both the EU institutions and Westminster.

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