Independent Nation by Will Hayward


Biteback Publishing
30 August 2022

Independent Wales gets to the heart of an issue which is sure to move to the forefront of the United Kingdom’s agenda in the coming months and years. Independence movements are gaining momentum across Europe and support for an independent Wales is at an all-time high. The latest polls suggest that almost one in three people in Wales are in favour of independence. To call this support unprecedented is an understatement. Just seven years ago, it was languishing closer to one in ten.

The lesson from Scotland’s independence referendum in 2014 is that once the independence genie is out of the bottle, it does not go back in. The Brexit campaign and its aftermath show us that these arguments come with inflated claims, misinformation and scaremongering that tend to overwhelm a complex debate. Will Hayward brings nuance back to the arena for this national conversation, providing a seminal text on the issue. His interviews take place in the Senedd, the local small businesses, the pubs, the Cardiff Six Nations rugby crowds, the Welsh military, the north of Wales, the south of Wales and everywhere in between.

Anyone with an interest in the future of the United Kingdom and the growing presence of independence movements deserves an impartial, informed, thoroughly entertaining and accessible source of information in order to raise the standard of debate around a question that will significantly affect us all.

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