How to Survive a Select Committee by Scott Colvin (Was £12.99. Now £11.99 #CheaperThanAmazon)


Paperback, 304 pages
ISBN: 9781785904516
13 August 2019

Select committees are generally faced by those at the very top of their game: high-flying CEOs, powerful executives and industry experts. Why, then, do the very words send shivers down the spines of even our most senior representatives?

Perhaps it is the unblinking eye of the television cameras, the hawkish interrogation of the committee chair or simply the knowledge of those Goliaths who have fallen before.

After twenty years of advising big-name clients on how to take on this gruelling ordeal, Scott Colvin argues that it needn’t be this way. Based on interviews with those on the front line, he offers a fresh perspective on how the process could be improved for committee members and witnesses alike.

Steeped in exclusive inside knowledge and expert tips, and with a step-by-step manual on how to prepare for a hearing, this is the essential guide to not only surviving but thriving in the hot seat.

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