Inside the Deal: How the EU Got Brexit Done by Stefaan de Rynck


Agenda Publishing
23 January 2023

“An accurate and true insight into the machinations of Brexit, our role as negotiators and our efforts to bring the deal over the line.” - Michel Barnier, former chief EU Brexit negotiator

“Stefaan De Rynck had a ringside seat for all the twists and turns of Britain's departure from the European Union. This insightful book provides important insights into Brexit from a European perspective – and explains how and why we got to where we are today.” - Oliver Wright, Policy Editor, The Times

“The Brexit you'll never hear about from a British negotiator. An important book.” - Robert Peston, ITV Political Editor

“A book as good as this could only have been written by someone on the inside – and with the impressive breadth and depth of knowledge as Stefaan De Rynck. It is as illuminating as it is fascinating. Reading it not only makes for better understanding of Brexit but of the EU itself and – dare I say – of the post-Brexit UK.” - Katy Hayward, Professor of Political Sociology, Queen's University Belfast

“A piercing analysis of the UK's historic decision to leave the EU, De Rynck's masterful overview may make difficult reading for some in Britain but it offers hope that the two sides can take a more constructive approach going forward.” - Pippa Crerar, Political Editor, The Guardian

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