God In Number 10: The Personal Faith of the British Prime Ministers, from Balfour to Blair by Mark Vickers


SPCK Publications
October 20 2022

There has been no attempt to provide a systematic study of the faith of the twentieth-century British Prime Ministers. Biographers are often more concerned with their own priorities than with those of their subjects, and many fail to reflect an important - sometimes the most important - aspect of an individual's life. God and Number 10 rectifies this lack, while addressing the role of religion generally in the political classes of the period; the reasons for the declining influence of faith in the public forum, and the relationship between Church and State.

Surprising instances are revealed here, including Balfour and MacDonald's recourse to spiritualism; Baldwin's mystical experiences, and Churchill's involvement with astrology.

The families of Asquith, Bonar Law, Ramsay MacDonald, Chamberlain, Macmillan, Douglas-Home and Wilson have all expressed their support for this book and, where able, assisted in the research, while John Major assisted fully.

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