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16 February 2023

Paperback 16 May 2024

Why, after all this time, are we still talking about antisemitism?

Anti-Jewish hatred is supposed to have disappeared with the Dark Ages. Medieval myths about Jews are for the history books, racism is abhorred and we all say: ‘Never again.’ Yet today anti-Jewish hate crime is rising, Jewish blood is spilt in Europe once more and arguments over antisemitism, whether in politics or literature, theatre or sport, are increasingly hard to avoid.

All this, when Jews make up less than half a per cent of the British population and most people say they bear no ill will towards Jewish people. What is going on?

It would be tempting to put this all down to a handful of extremists, but today you can find antisemitism everywhere. At a time of economic, political and social turmoil, fuelled by conspiracy theories on your smartphone and war in the Middle East, antisemitism is back.

Blending personal anecdotes, contemporary examples and historical insights, Everyday Hate takes you on a journey through this contentious and often confusing subject. Spanning Shakespeare to South Park, Covid-19 to Israel and Palestine, and ancient stereotypes to internet memes, Everyday Hate reveals the surprising truths about what antisemitism really is, why it continues to thrive and, crucially, how we can all play a part in stopping it.

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