Au Revoir Britannia by Sylvie Bermann


Luath Press
15 April 2022

Demons had been let loose, xenophobia and racism legitimised... But was it, in fact, the European Union which was at the root of the referendum defeat, or was it a convenient and facile scapegoat? Ironically, the day following, the 'EU' was the most researched term on the internet. What was this institution, or this 'machin' (this 'thing') to paraphrase General de Gaulle, which they had just decided to leave? Many people had, in fact, no idea.

au revoir:(French)

goodbye for the present; until we see each other


Is it goodbye to the EU forever for Britain?

Has the good ship of Albion sailed into an oblivion of its own making?

From her unique perspective as former French ambassador to the UK, Sylvie Bermann explores the mistruths told by politicians surrounding the fateful 2016 Brexit referendum.Au Revoir Britannia asks the question 'How did this happen?' and exposes what she sees as the 'unrepenting' and 'inveterate' lie of the now PM, Boris Johnson.

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