A True Statesman George H. W. Bush and the ‘Indispensable Nation’ by Robin Renwick WAS £25 NOW £5


24 January 2023

An affectionate account of a great President who was proof that a good man can change the world, ending the Cold War, securing the reunification of Germany and risking his presidency to drive Saddam Hussein out of Kuwait. A portrait also of his friendship with Bill Clinton and of the relationship with his son, George W. Bush, and his very different administration.

A True Statesman explores Bush’s core belief in the United States as the ‘indispensable nation’ in helping to deal with world crises – a belief later questioned by Barack Obama and challenged head-on by Donald Trump, with Biden also abandoning his commitment to free trade. It is now well and truly back in fashion, thanks to Vladimir Putin.

That the US remains the ‘indispensable nation’ will continue to be defended by Congress and the US military against all comers.

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