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On 23 June 2016, against all forecasts, Britain voted to leave the EU. Drawing on his experiences at the heart of the campaign, Daniel Hannan disects the result and our reaction. He outlines why Vote Leave won, exploring what people were voting for and what they weren't. He looks at the immediate aftermath – how it differs from what people expected during the campaign and what it says about where to go next.

Brexit may mean Brexit, but Hannan asks what the options now are. He proposes the ideal architecture for a new relationship with the EU, and discusses how we can transition back to self-government.

He argues that there is no point in Brexit if we don’t now tackle the threats to democracy of corporatism and lobbying, if having got power back, we don't pass them down to local governement, if we don't take the opportunity to put our Parliament properly in control.

A constructive antidote to Project Fear, Hannan shows that a successful Brexit will be mutually beneficial for Britain and for Europe.

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