The Cold War (Paperback)

By Merrilyn Thomas


Book details

  • Publisher: Oneworld
  • Format: Paperback
  • Publication date: 1st Aug 2009
  • ISBN13: 9781851686803
  • Publisher size:
  • Dimensions:
  • Pages: 192


This guide exposes the reality behind the war between capitalism and communism, two ideologies divided by the Iron Curtain. New revelations show that what was once regarded as simply a struggle between good and evil was in fact a far more complex affair. Merrilyn Thomas peels back the layers of deception and intrigue and offers a penetrating assessment of the legacy of instability that continues today.

“This splendid book presents a sensitively observed introduction to one of the great themes of contemporary history. Its achievement is not simply to establish a clear and uncluttered survey of the Cold War as it unfolded across every continent for half a century, but to show just why it continues to matter fundamentally in the world that we know today.”
Andrew Chandler, Director of the George Bell Institute and Reader in Modern History at the University of Chichester

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