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A surprise general election is approaching, but how surprising is its result going to be? Opinion polls and predictions speak clearly but, given the pollsters’ recent performances, how much can we still rely on them? Will people vote with their heads or their hearts – or both?

With Article 50 triggered and the stage set for Britain’s departure from the EU, will voters treat the election as a second Brexit referendum, or as a vote of confidence in Theresa May’s leadership?

Which Leave seats could the Conservatives gain and which Remain ones could they lose? Will Wales turn Tory for the first time since the 1850s, and will the Lib Dems return to their 2010 glory days?

These questions will remain open until the early hours of Friday 9 June. In the meantime, political expert Iain Dale summons statistics, recent polling and, of course, his sharp instincts to give us his prediction for each and every one of the UK’s 650 constituencies, seat by seat.

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