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A concise, sharp-witted and illuminating account of the lives of Britain’s Prime Ministers from Walpole to May (and beyond), illustrated by Martin Rowson

For the reader who has heard of such giants as Gladstone and Disraeli, and has drunk in a pub called the Palmerston, but has only the haziest idea of who these people were, Gimson’s Prime Ministers offers a short account of them all which can be read for pleasure, and not just for edification. With Gimson’s wonderful prose once again complemented by Martin Rowson’s inimitable illustrations, this lively and entertaining aide-memoire and work of satirical genius brings our parliamentary history to life as never before.


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  • Hardback, 256 pages
  • Square Peg
  • ISBN: 978-1910931431
  • 15 March 2018
  • £10.99

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