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Game of Spies tells the story of a lethal spy triangle with three men at its centre – a brilliant, ruthless British secret agent Roger Landes, the Gestapo counter-espionage office called Friedrich Dohse, who was charged with finding him, and French Resistance leader Andre Grandclement, responsible for the most controversial betrayal that took place in wartime France. From 1942 until 1944 these three enemies were drawn into a lethal dance in which comrades, Allied agents and downed pilots were sold to the Germans as casually as if they were crates of wine.

What follows is a story of espionage, bed-hopping, treachery and executions. Set in occupied wartime Bordeaux – a city described as ‘la plus collaboratrice’ in all France – Paddy Ashdown’s book is the first to tell this extraordinary true story from all sides and gives a vivid picture of the times through the eyes of its three principal characters. There are moments of courage and stupidity as well as some very black deeds but the basic ingredient of this thrilling history is a story of how ordinary, untrained people in occupied Europe faced great questions of life, death and survival – and how the rumble of an RAF Halifax from London dropping vital supplies told them that they were not alone.

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